Najda Now - Our Team

Board of Directors of the NNI in Germany:

Board members of the humanitarian relief and development Syrian foundation – Najda Now International e.V.

• Larissa Bender:
President of the Board of Directors of the Najda Naw International in Germany German, Orientalist and translator, a German journalist specializing in Syrian affairs. She has translated the works of a number of Arab writers to German, including the diary of Samar Yazbek about the events in Syria. She is currently preparing a book about the events in Syria in German titled: Syria: the hard way to freedom.

• Abdel Aziz Al Aidy:
Vice President and General Manager German with Syrian origin, a journalist based in Germany and working for several years in the social and humanitarian field in Lebanon and Germany

• Dr. Hussein Shawish:
Vice President and supervisor of psycho-social support project in the NNI. German with Syrian origin, doctor, psychologist, writer and translator. Resident in Germany. Has two printed books and a range of studies and translations and newspaper articles.

• Ahmad Hesso:
Syrian resident in Germany, a founding member of the Syrian Journalists Association and a editor in "German Channel" and in the Arab section of this channel and supervisor on the Arabic edition of the German magazine "Thinking and Art" issued in three languages.

• Maysoun Melhem:
Syrian who works in the Syrian media, resident in Germany, and a member of the Syrian Journalists Association. Editor and presenter at the "German Channel" TV Arabic-speaking.

• Dr. Riad AL Kassar:
A cardiac specialist doctor, a German and of Syrian origin, President of the Association of Arab doctors in the state of North Rhine-German Westvalen.

• Mustafa AL Mir Mahmoud:
Chief of Finance for the foundation Syrian civil engineer residing in Germany

Representatives of the organization around the world:

•   Ghassan Yassin Turkey
•   Tayseer Karim Jordan
•   Ali Sheikh Haidar Lebanon
•   Moznah Duraid Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
•   Sally Obaid Emirates
•   Saba Khaddour Canada